Memberships and Subscriptions

It is easy to subscribe to the LSAVC Newsletter.  With an individual subscription rate of $10.00 annually, you are entitled to six issues of the newsletter.  Simply forward your name, address, phone number, and email address to our membership coordinator.  She will contact you shortly with detailed payment information.

Membership Information should be submitted to:

Keitha Glaves

Membership in LSAVC is open to all African Violet affiliate clubs in the State of Texas. Interested persons residing in or outside the state of Texas, who are not members of a Texas affiliate club, shall be eligible for membership as Independents. Persons residing out of state may also join a Texas affiliate club, if the bylaws of that affiliate allow such participation. Texas residents can also be members of LSAVC if they subscribe to the LSAVC Newsletter even if they lack membership in a Texas AVSA affiliated club.

Annual affiliate club membership dues are $15.00 with a newsletter subscription included.