What is the LSAVC? Since 1975, the Lone Star African Violet Council (LSAVC) has been a resource for African violet enthusiasts across the state of Texas. Members of LSAVC, including local African Violet Societies and individuals, are interested in sharing information about the culture of African Violets and other gesneriads. LSAVC members work to stimulate interest in African violets by providing educational activities and judged African violet shows in communities statewide. Everyone is welcome to become a member of the LSAVC. Learn more about becoming an LSAVC member.

What do LSAVC members do? The LSAVC sponsors an annual convention in the Fall. At this convention, members attend lectures and discussions on growing, propagating, and hybridizing African violets and Gesneriads. They also bring African Violets, Streptocarpus, Espicias and other plants for show and competition. A tremendous amount of time and effort goes into growing a healthy, well-groomed plant. Therefore the convention offers a special opportunity to see truly spectacular plants. View Marjorie Bullard’s photos from the last convention and show. LSAVC members are also avid hybridizers. Many of the African violets now considered model show plants were hybridized by Texans. Plants from popular “Texan” series’, such as Dean’s, Wrangler’s, Rodeo, and Apache, are regularly shown at local and national conventions. Popular violets, such as those developed by past AVSA presidents (and Texans!) Hortense Pittman and Bill Foster, beautifully sit on window sills and plantstands nationwide. The LSAVC proudly maintains a database of all African violets and Gesneriads hybridized in Texas. This list is available for you to download. The Lone Star African Violet Society is a member of the African Violet Society of America. LSAVC is solely responsible for the contents of this site. Materials and photos may be used without permission for non-commercial, nonprofit activites, such as club promotion and education. Please cite this website and authors/photographers as the source of all materials. Website contents may not be used by commercial or hobby growers for the sale of African Violets or for the production of for-profit saleable items. Contact the LSAVC with questions or comments about this site.

Leadership LSAVC has had a line of talented individuals to lead the organization.  Below are the current and past Presidents of this organization.

2021-PresentVickie Crider
2018-2021Glenda Williams
2016-2017Anne Nicholas
2012-2015Mary Corondan
2010–2011Dolores Gibbs
2008-2009Irene Harney
2004-2007Jan Davidson
2000-2003Richard Nicholas
1998-1999Mary Walbrick
1994-1997Gerri Goins
1991-1993Mary Alice Barta
1989-1991Dottie Wilson
1987-1989Sue Ramser
1985-1987Hortense Pittman
1983-1985Meredith Hall
1981-1983Bill Foster
1979-1981Alice Weisner
1977-1979Ecy Forcht
1975-1977Sandra Leary