LSAVC Articles The LSAVC Newsletter is published six times a year and offers various resources for novice and experienced growers. Each edition has valuable information on Texas growers, violet culture, and the latest AV events. The newsletter is free with LSAVC membership. Here is a sample of newsletter articles:

Life Among Giants by Anne Nicholas

Who Can Be A Judge’s Clerk? by Mickey Womack

Growing ‘em Texas Size by Richard Nicholas

Be Brave – Enter Your Clubs Show by Sherrie Wallace

Bloomstalk Propagation by Mary Walbrick

Mirror, Mirror: Mirror Image Designs from a Novice’s Point of View by Laurie Kaye Coleman

Got E-mail: Start a Club by Marge Savage

A Novice Look at Design by Janey Redell

Visiting Ray and Hortense Pittman  by Tom Glembocki

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