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Paula Foster "Wind Beneath Our Wings" Award

The Paula Foster Award is known as the “Wind Beneath Our Wings” award. The award, founded in Paula’s memory, recognizes the highest characteristics of leadership: responsibility, hard work especially behind the scenes, reliability, and willingness to take on tasks large and small.


Paula Foster Award Recipients
2005 Hortense Pittman
2006 Meredith Hall
2007 Dolores Gibbs
2008 Jan Davidson
2009 Bill Foster
2010 Sue Ramser
2011 Janet Castiglione
2012 Ruth Goeke
2013 Anne Nicholas
2014 Marjorie Bullard
2015 Ron Davidson
2016 Richard Nicholas
2017 Mary Corondan
2018 Penny Smith-Kerker
2019 Irene Harney


Future Nominees

The Paula Foster nominating form can be downloaded and printed so you can submit your nominee for this award