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LSAVC Show Winners

The Best in Show Awards for previous LSAVC State Convention and Shows.   If you have any photos of the missing years, send them to Marjorie Bullard or Janet Castiglione at the address listed in the contacts in the menu at the left.


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LSAVC Best in Show
2019 Wayne Geeslin Cajun’s Hot Expectations

2018 Wayne Geeslin Buckeye Cranberry Sparkler
2017  Wayne Geeslin Buckeye Nostalgia
2016 Richard Nicholas Carolina Elegant Affair
2015 Mary Corondan Buckeye Nostalgia
2014 Ben Haning Rob's Boolaroo Rob's Boolaroo
2013 Ben Haning Rob's Boolaroo Rob's Boolaroo
2012 Anne Nicholas Jolly Mischief Jolly Mischief
2011 Danny Tidwell Rodeo Country Rodeo Country
2010 Steven Spachek Tommy Lou Tommie Lou
2009 Richard Nicholas Ness' Candy Pink Ness' Candy Pink
2008 Richard Nicholas Ness' Candy Pink Ness' Candy Pink
2007 Anne Nicholas Rob's Chilly Willy Rob's Chilly Willy
2006 Richard Nicholas Rebel's Rose Bud Rebel's Rose Bed
2005 Richard Nicholas Ness' Candy Pink Ness' Candy Pink
2004 Anne Nicholas Red Bandito Red Bandito
2003 Richard Nicholas Precious Pink Precious Pink
2002 Shirley Sanders Rob's Gundaroo  
2001 Martha Turner Abilene Abilene
2000 Richard Nicholas Marching Band  
1999 Richard Nicholas Pat Champagne  
1998 Marge Savage Candy Fountain  
1997 Patricia Tillman Honey Blue Angel  
1996 Martha Turner Party Print  
1995 Martha Turner Mary Craig  
1994 Hortense Pittman Sassy Shirley  
1993 Gerri Goins Party Print  
1992 Gerri Goins Party Print  
1991 Dolores Gibbs Sassy Shirley  
1990 Martha Turner  Charming Heart  
1989 Richard Nicholas Mary Craig  
1988 Richard Nicholas Favorite Child  
1987 Gerri Goins Ming White  
1986 Richard Nicholas Pink Energy  
1985 Dottie Wilson Wrangler's Pink Patches  
1984 Paula Kinman Something Special  
1983 Hortense Pittman Dance Time  
1982 Mary Stallings Whisper Rose  
1981 Susan Whitaker Blueberry Pie  
1980 Irene Diver Sunset  
1979 Betty Kohlmeyer Tina  
1978 Micky Gilson Amazing Grace  
1977 Ecy Forchet May Moon  
1976  Nietha Berry Dutch Miss  

Photo Credits: 2003: Aron Johnston,  2008: Gail Elmore,  all other years: Marjorie Bullard.